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Some of you may support the protesters in Madison - fighting corporate-backed big government - hand-in-glove... Well, here's a significant voice of the movement: madison_fights . You are welcomed to join! There may also be other communities on the profile page in which you might be interested.

Also, Alex Jones was pretty interesting. Today's theory is that the protests, worldwide, have been concocted by Google, "see-eye-aye", USA, WIKILEAKS, and oil corporations, all seeking to drive up the price of oil, so that when it goes to $200/barrel, they will open up the Arctic for massive drilling, drop the DOLLAR, &c. This would include a war involving Iran, Israel, Egypt., etc. Plus, inflation will soon skyrocket here. Lots of tangents, but it's the thought that counts. And when you realise that a plan by KOCH INDUSTRIES to buy up Wisconsin's Oil and Coal infrastructure is part of what is behind the BILL in the Wisconsin Senate, it doesn't necessarilly stray too far from the realm of possibility...

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